Gambit’s Run

Sitting on Greenlit Street, near the docks, in Newport, stands the newly opened Gambit’s Run tavern. A well run establishment, stocked with a surprising wide assortment of food and drinks (unavailable to most).

This establishment was founded by Dameon, a man with great power and a dark past.

Other key employees include:

Ellie: A waitress of comely face and caring demeanor. She is always willing to try and find whatever a patron is in the mood for (food and drinks, only!)

Moss Tumbler: A blackjack dealer who spends more time trying to figure out how to ‘make it big’ then he spends on watching the table.

Evangeline: A Half-Elf Waitress of middling age who looks like her best years (and dreams) are behind her.

Dax Steelheart Introductions

On the walk back, Dax goes up to each of you and tells you his story. It is an epic tale that would span hours, if we had the time.


Dax was created as a Dwarven-Forged soldier, to fight The Orc Lord armies. In his final battle, Dax and his company’s other War-Forged and Dwarven soldiers were slaughtered, defending the escape of hundreds of villagers.

The Priestess watched the battle upon her winged horse and decided to reward the company for their selfless bravery. She reassembled all of the best parts of the soldiers, Dwarven and Dwarf-Forged, into a single being and breathed life into it.

That is Dax. Now, we wanders the land telling great deeds and performing greater ones.

Dax then asks each of you two questions:

  1. Please give me a brief description of who you are and what your role is in this band?

  2. What do you think of each of the other characters in this group?

Tell him what you think your character would tell him.

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Korynthian Spark

Spark grew up above a bakery, in Glitterhagen, where he street ratted with his friends. At 14, he joined the Cirque du Koru traveling circus and spent five years, on the back of a giant tortoise, learning to become a world-famous acrobat.

All of his traveling gave Spark a curiosity about the world, so he retired from showbiz, returned to Glitterhagen, and studied History, eventually getting his degree and a professorship. While teaching History, he was approached by a representative from the Dungeon Delvers Consortium, to research a couple of artifacts they looted. This meeting lead to another and another. Soon, Spark was diving into the living dungeons with them.

This lasted until the ambush that killed everyone in the Consortium, except Korynthian. He escaped, with some help from his magical boots, given to him by The Priestess.

That was when Spark met up with our adventurous group. He used his trapfinding and acrobatic skills to great effect, stealing an enemy’s weapon and using it against them. That was, until he met Rex.

Rex was a reincarnated wizard that took Spark on as an apprentice. Spark was a quick study and started slinging spells after only a week. Many people found the flavor of the spells…distasteful, but Spark knew they were the perfect tool for his new goal in life. He wanted to marry The Priestess.

The adventuring continued and his skills broadened. Then, he learned of a lair that included the grimoires needed to become a lich. Spark realized if he could understand how a lich is made…he might be able to find out how to unmake one. Well, one in particular…The Lich King.

Now, with tomes in hand, Spark begins his new quest. He is going to topple The Lich King and take his place, among the Icons.



  • Icon of a past age the party freed, now owner of a large part of the dockside in Newport
  • He was ‘The Demon King’ in a previous age, he and The Diabolist have an “understanding”
  • Sent a demon hiding the steering wheel of the party’s regatta boat back to the Abyss and came back with an item of power
  • Gave the party personalized rooms in his inn/tavern/gambling hall, The Gambit’s Run.

Governor Adrian Abdel


  • Current ruler of Newport
  • 7’3″, works out by beating up iron golems
  • The party met him after saving the Lightning tower and Grannie’s village
  • They helped him deal with a cult/mad scientist who in the final battle drained Abdel’s power to supercharge an arcane construct
  • After proving themselves, Abdel marked them as his representatives in the Iron Sea River Regatta
    • Marked the party with a black hand using his Truename ‘Abdel Darkhand, son of Bhaal, God of Murder’
  • His power never recovered from being drained and shoved back into him. He’s currently “leaking” a dark energy into his surroundings as it eats him from the inside.



Floundering pig farmer from Oakhurst turned wildly successful bar owner in Smithdale! Jasper’s best day was when he met the heroes of oakhurst with his friend Bill Clay.

Now, if only he could get his favorite pig turned back from stone…