Dax Steelheart Introductions

On the walk back, Dax goes up to each of you and tells you his story. It is an epic tale that would span hours, if we had the time.


Dax was created as a Dwarven-Forged soldier, to fight The Orc Lord armies. In his final battle, Dax and his company’s other War-Forged and Dwarven soldiers were slaughtered, defending the escape of hundreds of villagers.

The Priestess watched the battle upon her winged horse and decided to reward the company for their selfless bravery. She reassembled all of the best parts of the soldiers, Dwarven and Dwarf-Forged, into a single being and breathed life into it.

That is Dax. Now, we wanders the land telling great deeds and performing greater ones.

Dax then asks each of you two questions:

  1. Please give me a brief description of who you are and what your role is in this band?

  2. What do you think of each of the other characters in this group?

Tell him what you think your character would tell him.


We should get along fabulously, Boo being a Stalwart of the Priestess.

  1.   “Ah Boo.”    *points at Kraksis*    *smiles*     *thumbs up*

2.  “Dey cray. Dah wuh, she ge all slo n ain speaky, yain see, she gitcha! Dah wuh, ga da teef, he heala. Ain’ bi ya too hah, neitha, he, he, he. Dah wuh, summa time he re’, summa time he blue, o whi’, o blacklike. Nev no whenawhy. Pew-pew alla say. Dah wuh, he ga shell, bu hain clam! Usa blay, bi ol blay, hess faw li coconuss, plop, plop. Kina heala, too, clo’-like. Awsa, he ear aw sticky-ou, poin’-like. Evaboy ess… *scratches head* iono. Ain’ meh ’em. Buh dey aw cray. Sti wi Boo, keepa fee onna groun, ain go no cray.”


Johnny Boi:

He receives a bland look for a few moments. Then the Elf says ” I am Johnny and I am a carnival barker for a small traveling freak show.

We have a Strong Man , an exotic dancer, a dog faced boy, an a Elven oddity that does magic tricks

Say, your kind of nosy for a flesh golem? Don’t you have somewhere else to be? (Flicking his Zippo lighter at him as flesh golems are supposedly afraid of Fire.)


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