Log #002 – One night in Newport

A tavern respite

Boo visits a local store

Treats for everyone!


I wasn’t sure about these guys, at first, but they are connected in Newport! They know the governor personally, the town calls them the champions of the Elven Queen regata (or some such), and they have a private booth in the best tavern in town.

I gotta send a fruit basket to m’lady for this assignment.  It is waay better than the three months I spent with the wuiger-cult lizard-men. Though, I did learn how to strip out a crockolisk and convert it into a shelter and observation platform. But that is a different story.

Tonight was filled with drink, stories, making connections and team bonding. Boo disappeared for a couple of hours and came back with glowing pouches full of med supplies, from a nearby magic shoppe. I was right. We gotta start swapping stories.

Log #001 – Reassignment

A joker escapes

Through a wondrous portal

A herald walks in


So, today m’Priestess reassigned me to a new outfit. They seem a capable enough bunch. I saw them beating the crap out of a mechalich, when I first walked in.

My orders were received, reviewed and accepted by the Gnoll Lt. He even let me keep my rank! I can only hope that is a sign of his wisdom and not a sign of a lazy leader.

The current mission was completed, so we all headed back to Newport. I took the opportunity to learn what I could about everyone. This group is a menagerie of strangeness but I can tell they will jump into hell itself to save each other (see: Korynthian Spark).

I think we will get along just fine. Especially the big guy with the island dialect. He claims to be a champion of The Priestess, as well. I can’t wait to swap stories with him.