Log #001 – Reassignment

A joker escapes

Through a wondrous portal

A herald walks in


So, today m’Priestess reassigned me to a new outfit. They seem a capable enough bunch. I saw them beating the crap out of a mechalich, when I first walked in.

My orders were received, reviewed and accepted by the Gnoll Lt. He even let me keep my rank! I can only hope that is a sign of his wisdom and not a sign of a lazy leader.

The current mission was completed, so we all headed back to Newport. I took the opportunity to learn what I could about everyone. This group is a menagerie of strangeness but I can tell they will jump into hell itself to save each other (see: Korynthian Spark).

I think we will get along just fine. Especially the big guy with the island dialect. He claims to be a champion of The Priestess, as well. I can’t wait to swap stories with him.

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