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Gambit’s Run

Sitting on Greenlit Street, near the docks, in Newport, stands the newly opened Gambit’s Run tavern. A well run establishment, stocked with a surprising wide assortment of food and drinks (unavailable to most).

This establishment was founded by Dameon, a man with great power and a dark past.

Other key employees include:

Ellie: A waitress of comely face and caring demeanor. She is always willing to try and find whatever a patron is in the mood for (food and drinks, only!)

Moss Tumbler: A blackjack dealer who spends more time trying to figure out how to ‘make it big’ then he spends on watching the table.

Evangeline: A Half-Elf Waitress of middling age who looks like her best years (and dreams) are behind her.

Governor Adrian Abdel


  • Current ruler of Newport
  • 7’3″, works out by beating up iron golems
  • The party met him after saving the Lightning tower and Grannie’s village
  • They helped him deal with a cult/mad scientist who in the final battle drained Abdel’s power to supercharge an arcane construct
  • After proving themselves, Abdel marked them as his representatives in the Iron Sea River Regatta
    • Marked the party with a black hand using his Truename ‘Abdel Darkhand, son of Bhaal, God of Murder’
  • His power never recovered from being drained and shoved back into him. He’s currently “leaking” a dark energy into his surroundings as it eats him from the inside.